Therapy and Counselling for individuals

Why come to therapy?

Are you feeling fed-up with persistent unhappiness or bad interpersonal dynamics? Is there something about yourself you would like to look-at or change? Are you feeling stuck? Are you on a journey of self exploration and discovery? Are there issues that remain unresolved from your past? Have you experienced abuse or trauma?

Psychotherapy and counselling for individuals.

People come to psychotherapy for many reasons – usually because they are unfulfilled in love and/or work.  I work psychodynamically, which means I am interested in the meaning of your symptoms and examine these with you in the context of your personal story of self. The other main dimension of psychodynamic therapy is working in and with the relationship. The idea is that the way you relate to people in the world is how you’ll relate to your therapist. Sooner or later the same dynamics manifest “in vivo” or in the session. Your interpersonal style comes to life in therapy together with the therapist’s creating a unique space to explore the meaning of symptoms, to gain awareness about your own process, and to explore new ways of being within the safety of a therapeutic relationship.

If you’d like to book a session please do so here. If you’d like to read more about psychodynamic therapy you can read the article “Getting to Know Me” by Jonathan Shedler from Scientific American. It is a good introduction that also covers some of the more recent scientific evidence.

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