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Dr Petra Bueskens

Dr Petra Bueskens

Hello and welcome to PPMD Therapy. This is a psychotherapy and counselling service founded and run by Dr Petra Bueskens. I offer psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals, couples, families and children with a background in both psychodynamic therapy and sociology.  Most of my work at present is with couples, though I also work with individuals across a spectrum of issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, grief and loss as well as more specific concerns around sexuality, identity, the transition to motherhood/parenthood, work, ageing, relationships and more.

Psychodynamic therapy is a style of therapy that considers problems in terms of the ‘whole person’ – that is, your background, experiences in your family of origin, dynamics with self and other, as well as unconscious processes including dreams, fantasies, slips of the tongue and the resonance of anniversaries. Psychodynamic therapy is concerned with the subjective meaning of symptoms, that is with feelings, and with understanding this meaning in the context of your life. The primary focus is on the working relationship between therapist and client.

My educational background is also in sociology – a discipline which considers society or ‘the social’ as the central means to understanding individuals and their behaviour. This means, I take time to consider the social context and meaning of your symptoms. People from different backgrounds and cultures have different understandings of what is and is not ‘right’, what is and is not ‘good’, that impacts upon their mental health and illness.  There are few services that bring these two disciplines – psychotherapy and sociology – together to understand and process your concerns. Read on if you would like more specific details or would like to book an appointment.

Single mothers and the sexual contract


I wrote this piece after reading many of the comments on the Parenting Payment for Parents – NOT Newstart facebook page. It begins with a story about my own experience of single motherhood and contrasts this with how difficult things have become. I critique the new “Fair Incentives to Work” legislation which has forced all recipients of Parenting Payment Single whose children have turned 8 onto the woefully inadequate Newstart payment. I make the argument that this is a human rights violation because it essentially discrimates against women with children who are not married.

Read ‘Single mothers and the sexual contract’ at On-Line Opinion:


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